SkyWatch Friday January 9th

January 8, 2009

We’ve had promises of storms for the past two weeks, but Albuquerque has received no snow to speak of.  However, we are treated to these cloud scenes on a daily basis.


There are gorgeous skies waiting for you at  I hope you’ll visit them.

  1. Photo Cache says:

    great display of clouds on a daily basis, you are so lucky. happy weekend.

  2. Guy D says:

    Great skywatch shot, thanks for sharing.

    Cheers and Happy New Year!
    Regina In Pictures

  3. babooshka says:

    Winter leafless trees can just so eerie against a sky like this. Great shsot.

  4. Guy D says:

    Excellent skywatch shot, thanks for sharing with us.

    Cheers and Happy New Year!
    Regina In Pictures

  5. Linnea says:

    That’s lovely. Nice contrast with the clouds and touch of sky. We have lots of bare trees like that around here now, too. Love those doggies in the next shot! Greetings from California.

  6. A beautiful shot… large and crisp… a very nice photograph!
    Mountain Retreat

  7. Ms Hays says:

    ominous looking – nice for sky watch friday!

  8. Yogi says:

    Thanks for sharing. I went to Del Norte HS and UNM. I miss Albuquerque a lot.

  9. Mary Carlson says:

    New Mexico skies are always beautiful – well, almost always. Here’s one speaking from living there for 3 years. I loved living there (in ABQ) and miss it. Now I make a yearly trek to the Bosque del Apache during the Festival of the Cranes week just to get my “New Mexico fix!” ;o)

  10. bowledover says:

    So nice to see the blue skies beyond the mass of cloud.
    Winter will go and sunshine will bring all the lovely changes again.

  11. carla says:

    nice shots! good to see how the skies look in your part of the world!