a February 24th, 2009

  1. Hotel Door Cards for Bloggers

    February 24, 2009 by MyEye

    capitol-plaza-hotel.jpgAs most of you know (I hope), Katrina over at PartiCardis suggested we make door knob hangers for our hotel rooms at Nationals so we have the opportunity to meet one another in person.  I always worry about identity theft and security (must be due to my line of work), so I’d suggest you omit your last names.  Only include your first name and blog (or web) address on the card.  Carolyn, Shelley and I are making a second set of our cards to hang in our grooming area as well.

    There will be other people in the hotel (though I do not know why they would even want to be there), so a little caution is probably a good thing.

    Isn’t this logo great? I had no idea it would continue to change when I copied it for my blog! What great art work — probably by Sandi Hutchins — ah, the mysteries of the computer!

  2. Packing it up

    February 24, 2009 by MyEye

    It’s a bit early to get excited about the Cardigan Welsh Corgi National Specialty Show, but hotel reservations should be solidified by March 1st which is Sunday, and entries close the following Saturday.  If you want shirts or embroidered bags or to go to one of the dinners, that all must be ordered by the 7th as well, so . . . it IS time to get excited.  My “in-between gots-to-do-something” is to keep a large manilla envelope on the bookcase by my desk.  It contains a copy of my Consolidated Order Form, my flight confirmation, my hotel confirmation, my shuttle confirmation.  It will contain the “door hangers” (we’re making duplicates for our reserved grooming area), information on what Chase eats, his supplements, all his registration and shot information, and anything else I think of that should go to Topeka.  Each time I put something in my envelope, I check the number of days left until I leave — it’s a reverse advent calendar.  I still must ship items for the Rescue Silent Auction and Raffle.

    I have a row of outfits in the end of the closet.  It’s stuff that matches (how about that?), is comfortable, and has pockets.  I’ll only be in the ring for stud dog and brood bitch classes, but I still want to look respectable with Chase.  . . . and the pockets — well, you never know when you might need to hand out a treat or two.

    This is my first Cardigan National.  I’ve attended many a German Shepherd National, but this is the first time I’ll make it to the Cardis’ Really Big Shew (and may be the last for a while — Pennsylvania is a very long way from Albuquerque).  Having Chase shown is a huge plus because it makes me feel a part of the festivities.

    It IS time to get excited!