a February 27th, 2009

  1. Before His Trip

    February 27, 2009 by MyEye

    There are so many things I want to do with Chase, but am accepting the reality that he won’t be earning any back-end titles before he goes to Fort Worth to be with Sherri and then on to Nationals and then to Shelley’s to swill Molson — Eh?  But we are completing our Beginning Novice class tomorrow morning — he’s such a good boy!  Sunday, we are heading up the mountain to see what Chase thinks about sheep.  If he shows real interest, we’ll add herding to his activities when he returns to the sunny southwest later in the summer.

    Long ago I learned that when you let a dog leave, you must accept that you might never see him/her again.  Things happen even when you entrust them to the very best people.  So, I’m sad that the funny boy is going off on these adventures, and hoping with all my heart that everything proceeds according to plan, and he’s back home after breeding Jaime and earning his Canadian Championship.

    Kip and Inca mght not feel that way (about him returning safe and sound).  However, Kip went to the Obedience Club meeting this evening (it was the night to brag about earning his TD).  He had a wonderful time greeting all his dog and people friends.  It revved me up to get him back in Open work so we can earn his CDX in May and also finish his RA.  Kip is such fun to work with.  He’s so effervescent and loves to do what I ask.  He has probably, single-pawedly, interested more people in Cardigans than any other person, dog, or event in our area.  From the instructors, to the judges, to the other competitors, to the spectators, Kip is a great ambassador.  Many new people now understand there are corgis with tails — and they are cool dogs!

    The Dink is just sweet and happy, but doesn’t have much work ethic.  She has no desire to “perform” though a “Will Work for Treats” shirt would be appropriate.  I’m still planning for her to earn a CD, but it takes a lot of fun out of it when she rolls her eyes at me.  Her sit (up) on the recall makes folks laugh — so I guess it’s okay.  It’s just hard to put the time in with a dog whose higher calling is lying on the couch.

    I have to go clean now — I don’t want Carolyn and Tom to get the right impression of me!