A to Z about Me

February 15, 2009

I wandered over to visit DennistheVizsla and found he had tagged me to tell my secrets on my blog. Wow, Dennis — could this lead to identity theft?

attached or single? Very single, but attached to my Cardis Kip, Inca and Chase
best friend? The dogs are the least demanding or critical, but humans — hmmm, probably Bonnie
cake or pie? yes pleez (ditto on this answer)
day of choice? Sunday because it’s really my day to organize as I wish.  There are no judges or clients interfering with the sunshine or nap.
essential item? My laptop
favorite color? turquoise
gummy bears or worms? How about mini chocolate eclairs?
hometown? Chicago, Chicago, that bustling town — but my heart really has belonged to Albuquerque for a long time.
indulgence? mini chocolate eclairs
january or july? July even though it’s hot — I love to take photographs in the summer
kids? Marc and Brock
life isn’t complete without? hugs and face licks
marriage date? I tried it once and learned my lesson so — none
number of magazine subscriptions? three for me and another six or seven for my business
orange or apple? yes pleez
phobias? Waiting on the ground in a totally full airplane
quotes? “I’m older and have more insurance” from “Fried Green Tomatoes”
reasons to smile? I’m healthy, have great dogs, good friends, a profession I still enjoy, and I live in a beautiful place
season of choice? Spring
tag 5 people ummm lets see:  Katrina, Amanda, Kathy, Traci (I owe you at least two tags), and Jean R


  1. hello my eye its dennis the vizsla dog hay ar yoo going to eet those fried green tomatoes or can i hav them???? thanks ok bye

  2. katrina says:

    EEEkk….my first tag….will get to it tonight!!! Just saw it!