Hotel Door Cards for Bloggers

February 24, 2009

capitol-plaza-hotel.jpgAs most of you know (I hope), Katrina over at PartiCardis suggested we make door knob hangers for our hotel rooms at Nationals so we have the opportunity to meet one another in person.  I always worry about identity theft and security (must be due to my line of work), so I’d suggest you omit your last names.  Only include your first name and blog (or web) address on the card.  Carolyn, Shelley and I are making a second set of our cards to hang in our grooming area as well.

There will be other people in the hotel (though I do not know why they would even want to be there), so a little caution is probably a good thing.

Isn’t this logo great? I had no idea it would continue to change when I copied it for my blog! What great art work — probably by Sandi Hutchins — ah, the mysteries of the computer!

  1. So glad you commented on the safety issue with the names. Always better safe than sorry. I will have to come up with something tho 😉 Maybe just the kennel name…?

  2. C-Myste says:

    BTW I got an e-mail that the grooming space confirmation is in the snail mail. (Yes, I wrote and asked.)

  3. Shelley says:

    I asked for grooming space next to you…haven’t heard anything. If we have 2 spots we can stretch out comfortably 🙂