When the Going Gets Tough . . .

February 9, 2009

My friend Joan had this on her blog and I stole it. It sort of sums up what I need after a day of listening to a whining client, sorting through a file pile that is 16 hands at the shoulder, yelling at Chase to leave Kip alone, and wondering how I’m going to get the house and yard presentable before the company with the new Element arrives. It was one of those Mondays — tomorrow will be better — especially if my radio wave clock pulls itself together and receives the appropriate vibes this evening. I gave the clock a fresh battery today. The hands jumped to a new time and I didn’t even think to look at my watch. The wall clock was, however, an hour behind. Chase was today’s office dog, and finally demanded that we go home — shoot! It was getting dark out. Stupid clock.

  1. C-Myste says:

    Hey, don’t clean house too much for us. After all, we’re “dog people”!!

    Looking forward to good Mexican food.

  2. Traci says:

    Yea, I’m not stressing over the dog hair for the visiting Element and it’s people 😉 The dust, however, I will try to tame 😉

  3. MyEye says:

    . . . well there’s the dining room table/staging site. Some of the stuff piled on it has to go to make room for three instead of one, and there are leaves piled in the yard. My neighbor has a huge tree that deposits mountains of leaves. I’ve not gotten to the last leaf raking. There will be wine and food though . . .

  4. hello myeye its dennis the vizsla dog hay sorry abowt the whining and all its just that i dont want to go bak into the albakerkee prizzin sistem!!!! ha ha ok bye

  5. Sandy says:

    hee-hee……..love the coffee order. NOW, can McDonald’s top that? And for, uh, under $4? I think NOT.

    Stay warm,
    Sandy (from WA…snobby coffee land!)

  6. Jean from NM says:

    Did you neighbor get his leaves back today? Let’s hope so. I think the winds were gusting at 50 mph.