a March 14th, 2009

  1. This is Some Flu

    March 14, 2009 by MyEye

    I didn’t post very much about Tom and Carolyn’s visit to New Mexico — probably because one or the other of them spent it feeling pretty poorly.  No one worried about contagion because we thought the first wave was food poisoning from the Colonel Chicken in Barstow Winslow.  It turned out not to be the case as Tom was felled the evening they arrived.  It cut short scenic touring, so all you got out of it was some dog photos.  When Tom and Carolyn left on Monday morning, there was a mild drizzle so I’m hoping they took some interesting photos on their way back across the State.

    Wednesday evening it was my turn to feel awful.  I saw a couple of clients Tuesday and Wednesday and hope I’m not Albuquerque’s version of Typhoid Mary.  In any case, I’ve done nothing for three days — even called my son to come feed the dogs on Wednesday night because I couldn’t deal with the smell of the dog food.  Today Inca’s going to miss her graduation from Advanced Novice Class because I can’t stray that far from the facilities.  This is a wretched bug.  Since I’m so rarely sick, I really shouldn’t complain.  So I’ll just hope that all the rest of you avoid this germ.