a March 16th, 2009

  1. Slow Day At the Office

    March 16, 2009 by MyEye

    Chase and I would rather be outside, but someone has to earn the kibble  — how about the rabbit or chicken?


    Things are really slow today.


    I’ve always wanted a desk job.


    That sounds like a really interesting case — NOT!


    For this one — hmmm — my fee is 25,000 dog biscuits, and you understand that we expect payment up front and in full?

  2. Can He Jump a 6? Deer Fence?

    March 16, 2009 by MyEye

    In the course of preparing for Chase’s stay at Shelley’s home in Ontario, I warned her that Chase believes “up” is the best direction.  He is a talented jumper displaying tremendous athleticism.  So she asked if he could jump a 6′ high deer fence.  My answer was, “Not directly, but if there is a tree stump by a chicken coop, and the chicken coop is near the fence, he’s gone.”

    While Tom, Carolyn and dogs were here, I created a Cardi Condo so we had a shot at controlling the comings and goings of five dogs.  I didn’t get it disassembled before I came down with the flu, so it was still sitting in the living room.  I should have closed the crate door on the upper crate.  It wasn’t needed.  There were lots of things I “should have” done while I was sick, but none of them occurred.  This morning, I heard the clank of a crate being bumped.  I went downstairs, and there was our Chase in the upper crate.  The bottom crate is a 23″ high model.  The upper crate door is two inches above the crate floor — and all I heard was a little clank.  Since I’ve watched him jump — way too many times — I know that he does not run and jump.  He stands below his target, gathers himself up and springs.  This one was a 25+” leap from a standstill on a ceramic tile floor!


    What does Chase have to say about it? “Well, it was up!”