a March 21st, 2009

  1. Adrienne at the Children’s Museum

    March 21, 2009 by MyEye

    The Children’s Science Museum is a wonderful learning place.  Adrienne tries out the huge vat of bubbles — and — duck!


  2. Our Hangers Are Ready to Go

    March 21, 2009 by MyEye

    I went out and found rainbow ribbon, punched the holes in the tops of the hangers and . . .


    How it will look on the hotel room door


    How it looks on a crate



    All five hangers

  3. How to Make the Door Hangers

    March 21, 2009 by MyEye

    Holly sez, “How did you make those?”  I started to type a comment, but instead will post it.  You could use foam squares and stick-ons or fabric or whatever you can think of.  This is how I created our hangers:

    I used my trusty computer.  I work in Word Perfect, but I understand you can import graphics into Word as well.  Use “page setup” under File to create a quartered 8-1/2″ x 11″ page with equal 1/2″ margins all around.  That’s two rows and two columns.  Use “Insert” to bring in a photo or drawing.  (You may recall Shelley and I won eBay auctions to get the dragonfly dog and the posy pup — I scanned them to use on the hangers.)  Once you have placed the art where you want it on the sheet, use an enlarged font in the color and style of your choice to type your name, state, blog address.  I suggest NOT using last names for security.  If you want to make a second one for your grooming area, use Edit -> Select All -> Copy.  Move your cursor to another quarter of the page and “Paste”.  Now you have two of the same hanger.

    Print them on a color printer on index stock.  Cut the page into quarters using a paper cutter.  I made them for the hotel room doors and for the grooming area.  I’ve laminated my hangers ($1.00 per sheet — which is two hangers — at an office supply store), then punched two holes at the top.  I have some rainbow colored ribbon to slip through and tie for the door knobs.  For the crates, I have 1″ “ring binders” to slip the tied ribbon through and then clip to a crate.  The ring binders are just like what’s in a 3-ring binder, but they are separate, and open to place around one of the wires on the crates in the grooming set up.  I think small carbiniers would also work.  . . . really easy to do — use a favorite puppy photo, original artwork, a win photo of your special . . . or just clip art and words.

    It will be so much fun to walk down the hall at the hotel or through the grooming area and say, “Hey, you’re Holly”;  “Hi, Katrina”; “Becky, I’ve been looking forward to meeting you.”

  4. CWCCA Nationals – Door Hangers

    March 21, 2009 by MyEye

    If you see these on a door or in a grooming area, it means Shelley Camm or Helen Turin or Carolyn Cannon or I (Penni Adrian) are nearby.  I hope you’ll stop to say hi!  I also hope you’ll make hangers for your hotel doors and grooming areas so we can find all of our blogging friends.