a March 30th, 2009

  1. Two Dogs Aren’t Many Dogs

    March 30, 2009 by MyEye

    Chase went off to Fort Worth ten days ago to meet up with Sherri.  She needed to undo all the bad training I had done (like sit, stay, drop, come front . . .).  You cannot imagine how quiet my house is without him.  Now, I don’t think Kip and Inca would second this, but I really miss the wild boy.  There is no dog to leap on top of me, there is no dog on my desk or in the client chair, there is no dog on the dining room table, there is no dog in my face talking to me.  Kip and Inca are so companionable, and they wrestle together, run around the yard together.  They flop on the living room floor or in the office to keep an eye on me, but they are not creative in the ways they relate to me.  They both sleep on the bed at night, but not like Chase who would drop down along my body and then flop that big ole head on me with a huge sigh of contentment.  Kip and Inca empty the toy box and chew on their favorites, but they don’t fling them wildly in the air or put them on my hand.  Neither of them attack the tunnel and the weave poles and the jumps.

    No matter how short Chase’s time with Sherri and then in Canada, it will seem like a very long time to me.

     PS — I really appreciate all the offers of “bad dogs” that are available to come to my home while Chase is on holiday.  However, I do see this as a time to complete some vital obedience training with Kip (a much happier dog without Chase) and Inca (who may or may not agree to be trained further).