Chase Meets Livestock

March 1, 2009

Ellen Gerwin, who herds with her Pems, took time out of her practice morning to help determine if our Chase should become a herding dog.  Of course, he had a great time (doesn’t he always?), but the reason for driving an hour and a half was to see if his instincts were strong enough to make herding an option when he returns from Canada.  Ellen (who knows this stuff) says “indeed”.  Just watching him, I’d say so as well.  Thanks Ellen for spending the time with us.


Chase and Ellen began with the goats — Run Goats, Run!


Sheep are more fun


You get up there with the others

Chase says, “Hey, Mom, when can we do this again?”

  1. Julie says:

    Herding seems to make a lot of Cardis happy. And boy is it challenging for us!

  2. Holly says:

    Good boy Chase! Luther will agree that sheep are FUN!

  3. Sarah says:

    Oh, that view! Years ago, Jane/Des sent me a t-shirt with a photo from Ellen’s place, and Torie herding, with the caption, “Torie- Herding Dog.” I always envied the view from Ellen’s even though I’ve never been there. Looks like Chase was having a great time!

  4. “Baa Ram Ewe! Baa Ram Ewe!”