Sending Chase in Different Directions

March 19, 2009

The Chaselets we shipped out yesterday are in Ontario at inspection.  They are still expected to be delivered to the Clinic by 5:00 PM.  Never fear, Jaime, dear!  THIS JUST IN:  FedEx put the incorrect clearance code on the vapor lock shipping box so Customs rejected it.  Shelley got on the phone and worked some kind of magic.  Now FedEx promises the box will be at the Clinic tomorrow not later than noon.  AAARGH!

Meanwhile here in the southwestern US, the real deal Chase is on his way to Fort Worth to meet up with Sherri and Lauren.  He’s entered this weekend since he hadn’t been in a show since early October.  I took him over to Fran’s this morning.  She and Chris are taking a bunch of their Akitas to show, and agreed to also transport Chase and a Lhasa.  Chase was really excited to see the Akitas instead of a bunch of MinPins.  Of course, he let them know that he is the REALLY big dog in the van.


I can’t tell you how much I miss this boy when he’s on the road — and this will be a long one.  I also can’t tell you how happy Kip will be when he realizes Chase is really gone!

  1. Sandy says:

    Happy journey Mr. Chase. We will try to keep your mom sane while you are gone!