What to Take, What Not to Take

March 19, 2009

I used to fly everywhere and all the time.  I used to have Southwest Rapid Rewards tickets regularly available, but that was during the dark period when I had no dogs (and white carpet in the bedroom and a drip system in the yard).  Once I got Kip, I stopped flying except for occasional out-of-town trials.  Then Inca came home and I stopped accepting out-of-town cases.  I added Chase, had to sell the CR-V and get the Element . . . haven’t flown since he and I arrived home from Oregon.  So, the way it works is you just put in the car whatever you think you might possibly need — it usually fits between the crates or under the platform or on the floor in the front seat.

So, I am having a crisis of confidence.  I am flying to Nationals, need “stuff” for a week, and have no idea how to limit what I take along.  I am completely out of practice!  Clothes — some mix and match stuff that doesn’t wrinkle too much, toiletries, the i.d. door hangers and grooming area hangers, contact information for the raw food store and the butchers, a bling leash and collar for Stud Dog and Brood Bitch classes, a couple of gifts that I’ve accumulated, my digital camera (the Nikon or the little one?), the video camera, a tripod (?), my computer, and a partridge in a pear tree.

I think I need a list.  Help — what do you consider the three essentials for successfully attending a National Specialty, keeping in mind that booze can be purchased in Topeka?

  1. Sandy says:

    Hmmm…I am a list maker. I am thrilled by making the list and then one-by-one, drawing a line through it’s contents. I absolutely hate the packing because I know I will forget something.

    When we compete in Combined Driving Events that are 3 days long (4 really because you have to arrive the day before for vet checks and to scope out the marathon course with your bike…)I am a basket case. Crabby, snippy, down right mean at times. We have to pack a camper with our needs (show clothes, food, supplies for camping) and a horse trailer with food, harness, more food and carriages. YUCK!

    In the long run I always try to pack my competition schedules, my camera, something comfortable to sit on, snacks, little cash but a debit card….and a sense of humor! Knowing that most of the other participants are in the same boat makes me feel a little less stressed. Misery loves company, ya know. But most of all — YOU are going to the NATIONALS. Don’t forget to pack YOU, everything else will fall into place…or it wasn’t really that important.

  2. Shelley says:

    1. Dog
    2. Dog Food
    3. Dog Dishes


  3. MyEye says:

    I’m flying, the dog is with his handler – otherwise those are probably primo!

  4. Alden says:

    Xanax, iPod, and a really good book. 😉

    Have fun! It’s the only time I’ve been envious of anyone going to Topeka.

    Good luck, Chase!!