April, 2009

  1. Compare and Contrast

    April 30, 2009 by MyEye

    This is how Chase looked a week before he arrived at Shelley’s Miracle-Mud Spa & Resort in Ontario.  Thank you Marla Gardner for Chase’s 2nd place in 15 to 18 month sweeps.


  2. Would You Buy Girl Scout Cookies From These Miscreants?

    April 29, 2009 by MyEye

    That’s what Shelley wants to know.  Sometimes we want a dog to finish quickly so we can get on to other events, or before our money runs out, or before he/she starts blowing coat, or so we can breed her.  Not in this case.  Shelley wants Chase to finish quickly so he can go back to Albuquerque.  Chase has lured Ember and Libby to the swamp, calling it a spa and promising beautifying mud packs.  So, this is what shows up at Shelley’s back door.  Eeeek!


    It’s the Mud Bud


    Oh, Ember, the mud pack made your coat glow!


    Libby, you are so lovely!

  3. Among My Favorites

    April 29, 2009 by MyEye


    Just Hanging Above the Patio


    Inspired by Vicki — “Posterized”

  4. We Didn’t Enter the Mothers Day Trials

    April 27, 2009 by MyEye

    The week in Topeka skewed my internal calendar.  I came back to Albuquerque on Monday and went back to the office on Tuesday.  But, somehow, that Tuesday became my Monday.  So I did not go to Super Drill on Tuesday night to hand in my entries for our local Club’s trial on May 8th, and the next day (Wednesday by everyone else’s calendar) which I thought was Tuesday, I did not go on-line and enter the Rio Grande KC Trials.  In retrospect, Kip had not been given the practice he deserved to go into Open.  We probably could have muddled through the last leg of Rally Advanced B, but I think I’m tired, and I really have a hang-up about taking my dog to obedience trials when I’ve not spent time polishing him up.  So, we’ll start Utility training and then try for his CDX during the three-day Labor Day trials.

    In the meantime, Inca might deign to heel (somewhere near my left leg) off-leash, and when Chase gets home, I’ll start working with him in something — probably Rally first, and, of course, tracking which he loves.

  5. Chase Report From Canada

    April 26, 2009 by MyEye

    As many of you know, Chase went to Canada with Shelley and crew.  I received an email asking if I knew he loved to gallop through the mud.  Hmmm.  I hadn’t thought much about it because we have so little rain or snow here in the high desert.  But, upon reflection, yes.  If there’s a puddle, he will stomp through it — sort of like a toddler.

    So, here are a couple of the first photos from Shelley’s house — look at the feet (and do not tell Sherri).

    chase-muddy-paws-from-the-front-4-26-09.jpg/</p></blockquote>  <p>class=