a April 16th, 2009

  1. Chasing Chase

    April 16, 2009 by MyEye

    Chase’s dad Hunter is thirteen years old, but in grand shape.  He won the over-eleven veteran dog class.  Alice (Chase’s mum) is almost nine and won the seven to nine year old veteran bitch class.  Then the oldster went into the Stud Dog Class.  Hunter went in first with our Chase and his daughter Dolly.  Shelley handled Hunter, Carolyn showed Dolly, and (honest, it’s true) I showed the Chase-man.  Chase is a very busy boy and we had a wee bit of trouble getting him focused.  I discovered I am short about three arms needed to keep him under control.  He swept around the ring (pant! pant! pant!), and then it was our turn for him to be on the examination table.  As the judge approached, Chase sized up the distance and his tongue lashed out —  Ha Ha — got him.  He licked the judge right across the chin.  I stammered. “Sorry.  He’s pretty affectionate.”  Said the judge, “It’s actually nice to see.”  I lifted him off the table and we went down and back, with Chase’s tail wagging the entire way.  Then Chase and Dolly gaited together (pant! pant! pant!), then Hunter and the kids gaited around again (oh . . . pant! pant! pant!).  The rest of the dog groups were gaited and examined and the judge pulled Hunter and his kids into the center of the ring.  Then he called up Twinroc Santa Paws (“Dickens”) and his progeny and placed them behind us.  He said, “Lets take the progeny around the ring.”  So Chase and Dolly followed by the Dicken’s kids took a lap (seriously — pant! pant! pant!).  He pointed to our little family and said we were First!  Wow!  We had serious competition, but the kids’ beautiful toplines in motion won the day.

    So we ran out of the ring, met up with Alice and Pilot for the Brood Bitch class and gaited back into the ring.  Take them around (Oh, lordy — pant! pant! pant!).  Chase being busy, looking at the girls, glaring at the boys . . . and it was time for him to get on the table again.  I picked him up and stacked him, then here come da judge.  He approached the table, then pulled back and said, “Oh, him again.”  This time he successfully avoided the lightning tongue of the Chase-man.  It was a repeat performance and after the judge examined all the entrants, he pulled Alice, Chase and Pilot to the center and awarded Alice first.

    Whoo hoo!  Were we ever a happy group dragging out of the ring bearing windchime trophies and ribbons!