a April 18th, 2009

  1. Chase In the Best of Breed Class

    April 18, 2009 by MyEye

    So, here’s how it went.  Chase was first in the ring in the first of the nine groups of Specials, Winners Dog/Bitch, Veterans, and Herding Titled Winners.  He looked splendid (honestly).  In short order, the judge pulled Chase and one other dog out and sent the others away.  I was so surprised (and delighted).  When the Champion dog groups were all sorted out, there remained nine males (including Chase).  I made sure the folks sitting near me knew CPR.

    Powell was also pulled out of his group so for the finals, Sherri handed Chase off to her (recently Junior) handler assistant.  Chase loves Lauren, and when everyone went back in the ring, he was adoringly following her directions.  Honestly, he looked wonderful — that happy, interested, enthusiastic personality AND his beautiful body.  He extended well, ears up.  He did not make the last cut — shucks — but I was proud of the handsome little man.  We’ve had so many nice comments about him.

    There was no sadness because Shelley’s Hunter Daughter Dolly went Best of Winners and Chase’s Mom — ole Alice — was the first Award of Merit Winner.  Our ostentatious ribbon display has moved to the realm of obscene.  I LOVE IT!

    Tonight is the Annual Banquet.  Tomorrow is the Three Trails Cardigan Specialty . . . and then I’ll return to the mundane world of being an attorney.  I must say, having been on a losing team, and having been (this week) on the winning team — winning is way more fun.