a April 19th, 2009

  1. “Fancy Dog”

    April 19, 2009 by MyEye

    Have you ever heard that term before?  I hadn’t.  Today’s Judge used it after the show when she spoke with me about Chase.  32 of the 80 Champions entered at Nationals stayed over for the The Three Trails CWC Show.  Again Chase made it through the first cut, but didn’t crack the Award of Merit level.  I saw Gayle Garvin in the hotel lobby a couple of hours after the show.  I asked her if she had any comment on the deep coated brindle boy shown by the young woman in the pale blue suit.  The Judge said, “Oh, the fancy dog?”  We discussed how young he is (he turned 18 months old yesterday).  She said she expected, “In a couple of years, he will be winning.  That’s a very good dog who is also quite striking.”  She asked me to let her know how he does as he grows up.

    I guess he is a “Fancy Dog”.  Sherri confirmed it — I just never heard the expression before.  Sherri showed Powell, so Lauren showed Chase today.  He loves her and she’s so good at keeping him engaged.  He looked wonderful.  At some point during the examinations, the judge stuck him way back in the pack, but then Chase and Lauren took a turn around the ring.  Lauren carefully held Chase back until he had running room, then let him go.  The judge walked over and moved him up eight places.  Good job, Lauren!


    The Fancy Dog is now on his way to Canada. I hope he finishes quickly so he can come home.  Fancy Dog tickles my fancy.

  2. Whoo Hoo — Hello, Dolly

    April 19, 2009 by MyEye

    Today bleary-eyed exhibitors nursing a Nationals hangover showed up at 8:00 AM in a desolate-feeling Topeka ExpoCentre for the Three Trails Cardigan Specialty.  The smart folks were on their way home, but a few of us who lack the brains Dog gave geese, had entered the show.  Shelley had entered fiive dogs, including the lovely Dolly whose giant CWCCA Best of Winners ribbon had graced the Rainbow Canopy the last day of Nationals.  I had entered Chase.  Carolyn was heading home.

    Dolly again earned Winners Bitch for a second five point major AND a First Award of Merit.  Dolly has two five-point majors, a Best of Winners, and that award of merit for her first two U.S. outings. That wonderful showing overcame the later return of Murphy.  I’ll let Shelley explain in detail.  She did not leave the hotel/ExpoCentre until 5:00 though the show ended at 12:20.  She has a long drive but will, I’m sure, post as soon as she finds internet access.  The Chase-man is with her — I hope for a relatively short time.  Other results for inqiring minds:  The CWCCA Winners Dog was Winners Dog and Best of Winners at Three Trails, Best of Breed was Dickens (Twinroc’s Santa Paws).  Sarah Keth’s Syd was among the AOM recipients.

    Dolly is a Hunter daughter, so a half-sister to Chase, Pilot, Molly, Libby, Clem, Flash, etc.  Shelley and Dolly have earned our congratulations for a splendid showing!