Among My Favorites

April 29, 2009


Just Hanging Above the Patio


Inspired by Vicki — “Posterized”

  1. Innit fun to play with the filters???

    I’m especially liking the bottom third of this, with the leaf shapes (and veins), strong purples, and dark shadows……

    Sometimes the pics I’m not happy with right out of the camera turn into my faves after I mess with them……………


  2. Sandy says:

    Oh my goodness! Very pretty. Ya know this blogging stuff has opened a new world for me……photography. Hubby loves to buy expensive things and then not use them, so I am benefitting from his last camera purchase. Someday I will understand how to use it well but for now I am just playing with it a little to see what I can get. It’s a Nikon, I think a D50? With an extra lens it makes it fun. Now, to capture that dang hummingbird!

  3. Is that wisteria? Cool effect!