Photos Added

April 20, 2009

I have never seen worse overall lighting conditions than we had in Topeka.  I had to PhotoShop all the photos I took — finally got some of them done and added them to the post about Sweeps and about Three Trail Specialty below.  The best photo of Chase (quality-wise) is probably this one of him on the grooming table.


  1. Sarah says:

    You must not go to many dog shows in horse barns if you thought the lighting was bad at the Expocentre! ;-P The lighting in Topeka was actually pretty darned good! My photos that I took from a distance were darker, but those that I took closer to the subject were fine. You are probably just spoiled from glorious outdoor shows in natural sunlight. 🙂

  2. MyEye says:

    You’re right Sarah. I avoid indoor shows — though that’s about all Sherri attends. Most of our show are outdoors. On the other hand, I look for indoor shows for Rally and Obedience because there are fewer variables.