May, 2009

  1. Last Tango in Richmond Hills, Ontario

    May 31, 2009 by MyEye

    Chase is done showing in Canada.  Today was the third day of the Aurora and District Kennel Club shows.  He was again Best Opposite Sex to Dolly.  Dolly went on to take another Group III — what a weekend she’s had!  We’re sending our congratulations to Shelley and to Dolly’s handler Simon.

    Next Sunday, Shelley will take Chase to the Buffalo NY area. He’s going to spend the night with Cynnie Smith’s friend, then Monday morning, Cynnie will put him on an airplane headed for Albuquerque (by way of Newark, NJ and Houston, TX).  Chase will have an awfully long travel day, but should be home next Monday night at 6:30 PM.  Friday afternoon I spoke with one of our best obedience instructors and a top competitor. Chase and I will commence serious obedience training with her in a couple of weeks.  We are also enrolled in a rally class that begins in mid-July.  I believe he will love the Companion/Performance venues, and expect him to add the same joy de vivre to that work that he puts into playing in the Miracle-Mud Spa & Resort!

    He’s had a blast at Shelley’s place — running in the field, playing with the girls, going to shows.  Now, however, it’s time for him to begin a new adventure at home with me.

  2. Aurora & District KC (day 2)

    May 30, 2009 by MyEye

    Again Chase was Best Opposite to Dolly’s Best of Breed.  She went on to take a Group III today.  Whooo hoo, Dolly.  Chase doesn’t mind — he’s just there for the party!

  3. Remains of the Red Dog

    May 29, 2009 by MyEye

    I whine about how much Inca sheds — all the time.  Since things are slow at the office this morning, I attacked her with the Furminator.  Honestly, if she wouldn’t be terribly embarrassed, I’d have her shaved down!


    She’s so annoyed she won’t even look at me — Okay, Inca, I promise, I won’t have you shaved.


  4. Aurora & District KC (day 1)

    May 29, 2009 by MyEye

    This is Chase’s last show weekend in Canada.  Shelley moved him up to Best of Breed.  Today he was Best Opposite Sex (again) to his paternal sister Dolly.  Dolly went on to win the Herding Group.  Best in Show will be judged at about 5:00 (Eastern Daylight Time).  It would be so very cool . . .  More later — think really good thoughts.

  5. Updating

    May 29, 2009 by MyEye

    Carolyn spent much of last weekend updating Chase’s website with his continuing Journal, his National photos, his mom Alice and his dad Hunter’s National Photos, photos of sister Libby and brother Pilot from CWCCA, Chase’s new Canadian Champion photo, candids, etc.  She changed the look a bit.  That’s where we keep all of Chase’s info from pedigree to health test results to show wins.  Visit at  We’re always happy to receive constructive criticism (or nice comments).