a May 13th, 2009

  1. Kip’s Playdate

    May 13, 2009 by MyEye

    After work I took Kip to Jill’s house.  We got there before Jill was home from her office.  I already know Jill wants Kip to come live with them.  I thought it important that her parents meet Kip without Jill’s cheerleading.  Kip has only one speed — happy.  He trotted into their house, detoured across the cover on the indoor pool (that was a surprise), snagged a bone from the bone box, danced up to their Golden and licked her face.  He then made trips back and forth between Jim and Sarah, wagging like mad.  He showed them he can roll over and when someone said his name, he trotted up to see what would please them

    Friday night, Kip is having a sleepover with Molly (that’s the Golden’s name).  I think there’s no doubt about the outcome of these trial visits.  I will miss this little dog so much.  Sarah and Jim and Jill have a cabin in the mountains — the dogs always get to go along.  At the house in the city, they have a nice large dog yard off the dog door.  Jim takes the dogs for a walk early each morning and they go to the park a block away to play.

    As Kip and I were leaving, Sarah said, “I never met a corgi before.  He’s a perfect dog.”  I’m forced to agree.