a May 14th, 2009

  1. Kip’s New Home?

    May 14, 2009 by MyEye

    The Kip transfer is one of the most painful things I’ve ever done.  He addicted me to Cardis, he has been a bright spot in my home and in my heart.  I know that Jill and her parents will treasure him as I have — and give him more attention, though no one could love him more than I do.  I know, intellectually, that I am making the best decision for Kip’s welfare, and I know this will avert potentially catastrophic issues at my house . . . but I can’t stop crying.

    I just spoke with Jill.  Her parents seem to love this wonderful little guy.  Her Dad, the doctor, has done a little research and is now convinced that it makes no sense to turn a carnivore into a vegetarian.  Smart man!  Not only will Kip continue to be raw fed, but the Golden will be switching over as well.  They’ve been having nails trimmed at the vets, so to ease the pain of feeding raw, I’m going to show them how to Dremel toe nails.  The first “Dremeling” covers the cost of buying the cordless Dremel, and from then on the savings offset the extra cost of raw feeding.

    I’ll take photos of Kip and Molly tomorrow evening when he goes for his sleepover, but unless he eats the couch (and he’s not the one that does that), this is probably a done deal.  I could not put him in a better place, and this will let me focus on the baddog’s training.