a May 23rd, 2009

  1. Aaaah, CH — CH — CHASE (Gesundheit!)

    May 23, 2009 by MyEye

    As of 2:45 EDST, our Chase is American/Canadian Champion C-Myste Baledwr Pursuit of Happiness (well, once the Canadian Kennel Club says it’s so).  He did it in five straight shows, was Winners Dog, Best of Winners, Best Opposite Sex at every show.  This weekend he’s been at the Scarborough Kennel Club shows in Orangeville, Ontario.  He’s entered tomorrow and at three shows next weekend.  Shelley may move him up to BOB — though we expect her beautiful Dolly to defeat the boy regardless.  I’m so grateful to Shelley (Camm) for taking Chase home from Topeka to give him the opportunity to become a Canadian Champion.  It also gave him the opportunity to wallow in her Miracle-Mud Spa & Resort.  Shelley showed him herself and, despite his puppy silliness, says he made a good impression.  He has interested some non-Cardigan people in owning and showing a Cardigan.  He has made some judges head-shy because Shelley warned them that he’s a licker.  I’d say he did his job well.  Time to come home, Chase-puppy.


  2. Rain

    May 23, 2009 by MyEye

    Rain is something we seldom have in New Mexico.  Our annual average rainfall is in the neighborhood of 10″.  Yesterday it rained, today it’s raining.  You’d think that would ruin the Memorial Day festivities, but all us residents are so grateful that there is no complaining at all.  Events go on — just between cloud bursts.  Most of us don’t own umbrellas.  I have one of those stubby fold-up ones that I bought when I had to go to New York City to argue a case on appeal.  But we’ve learned you can hold newspaper over your head, or your briefcase, and it’s just fine.  We all look for some reason to go out into the rain.  It feels so good and makes the world smell wonderful.  This morning I bought a big tub of geraniums to plant.  After this weekend, I’ll have to dump a gallon of water on them each morning before I go to work to prevent withering and dying.  I do wish when we went outside, and got soaking wet, we’d shrink though.  I’m not very good at following diets, so a shrinking rain would be a real gift — and so practical.

    I’m still working on Shampoo-in Fat Remover.