A Kip Report

May 19, 2009

Last night on my way home from work I received a call on my cell phone from Kip’s new mom.  She told me he is the cutest dog she’s ever had.  She can tell what Kip is thinking by watching his ears.  She also told me (sniff!) that when they take him out front, he goes directly to where I had parked my car when I brought him over.  Sarah wanted a list of the commands he knows because she doesn’t want him to forget everything he has learned.  So, I emailed her a list last night.  I will wait a few more weeks before I go over to visit.  I want Kip to accept living there as a fact.  I’m going to encourage Sarah to take a novice obedience class with Kip.  Yes, he knows everything, but she doesn’t, and this will give her a chance to learn.  Perhaps she will become hooked and will get his last Rally Advanced leg and show him in Open.  That would make me so happy.  She’s also interested in the therapy work and may go through the testing and observation with him to become a registered therapy team — that would also make me so happy!

Kip has accepted responsibility for their household and makes trips up and down the stairs and through the house to check on the three people and the Golden.  He’s happier when they are all downstairs — it makes it simpler to keep track of them.  Yesterday they uncovered the pool and a group went swimming.  Kip sat by the edge and accepted pets, but did not even think about diving in (thank goodness).  Sarah’s grandchildren came over on Sunday to meet Kip.  He was ecstatic to have children there.  They urged him to roll over and to lie down — he doesn’t take much encouraging — you just have to applaud for him.

He sounds very happy, Sarah sounds really happy.  I think this was such a good thing to do for him.

Sarah just called and all the women who come to her home to swim in the mornings now want a Cardigan just like Kip.  As the people who have Leo said, “They don’t understand — there is only one.”


  1. Garrett says:

    Reading about Kip made me really sad. What a huge decision to make, especially since Chase is still gone! But it looks as though you made the right choice and Kip is happy there, even if he still remembers you! I’m sure you heart is torn in two and can’t decide whether to be happy or sad or both. I’m going through the same thing placing Mac, but at least Kip will be close by.

    keep us posted on him!

  2. Sandy says:

    Thanks for the Kip report Penni. He’s a lucky dog to have so many people who love him. And since they are all “herd-able” they can be managed and kept in line! Dog heaven I would say.

  3. *SNIFF* The part about Kip going to where your car was reminds me of what Dennis did the first time we took him to an off-lead park when he was newly rescued. As soon as we let him off his leash he took off running all the way back to the parking lot, where he stopped next to our car, as if to say “You are NOT leaving me here.”

  4. Kathleen says:

    I felt, very, very sad and very, very happy when I read your post. You are a remarkable dog owner. Not many people would do what you did. But it was the right thing. I hope you will keep telling yourself that.