A Successful Day

May 6, 2009

Stuff got done today.  I picked up the back yard — still leaves to vacuum up, but it doesn’t resemble a mine field anymore.  The heating/plumbing guy came over (real butt-crack jeans) and did all the things necessary for us to use the swamp cooler.  The thermometer is predicted to creep near 90 degrees tomorrow — poor us.  AND my brother came over to replace the fan motor on the refrigerator.  Now it’s working and I don’t have to stick the screwdrive in the hole in the back and flick the fan blades with my finger to get the fan started.

We also made arrangements to get Chase home.  I’m sure there is a reason Canada is considered a foreign country, and I’m sure there is a reason we must be wary of animals being shipped from Canada, but let me tell you, the new “must use a broker” rule makes shipping a dog a terrible pain.  As Shelley pointed out, if it was Afghan Hounds that would be one thing, but a Cardi — give me a break!  So, to spare Chase a 48 to 60 hour trip from Toronto to Albuquerque, Shelley will chauffeur him to Buffalo NY.  He’ll fly to Newark, then to Houston, and then home in an approximate total of ten hours.  I also found out while talking with the Continental PetSafe lady that on June 15th, Continental is changing its schedule.  For example the flight from Houston to Albuquerque will arrive three hours later than it does now.  So, we’re hopeful that Chase will be ready to come home before June 15th.

We tried so hard to keep the boy on the ground, but could not coordinate with people driving to dog shows.  I’ll be glad to see that happy face.  Kip and Inca will be totally bummed out — they think he’s gone forever.

  1. hello myeye its dennis the vizsla dog hay did yoo no my brother tucker is from the mithical land of cananda??? do yoo think that meens i can git him deported bak their??? maybe he and chase can trayd playses or sumthing ha ha ok bye