Continuing the Butt-Crack Pants Saga

May 5, 2009

This morning I thought the dogs’ chicken necks didn’t feel very cold.  Sure enough, no cold air was blowing into the refrigerator cabinet.  I pulled the refrigerator away from the wall.  The fan was spinning — hmmm.  So, I got a screwdriver and put it in that little hole in the back of the frig and clicked until it hit “defrost”.  Then for the hairdryer to help thaw the glacier that had formed between the refrigerator cabinet and the freezer.  It hasn’t even been a month since I last did this.  Since I had a hearing in Estancia (about an hour’s drive away), I left the beast in the middle of the kitchen floor on”defrost”.

Back home at noon and the frig was still on “defrost”.  Okay, that’s not right.  I put the screwdriver in the little hole in the back of the frig, clicked out of defrost cycle until the motor came on.  I looked in the lower back of the machine and the fan wasn’t fanning.   I flicked the fan with my finger and it started rotating.  I called my brother Marc.  “Do you have on your butt-crack pants?  Because the fan in the frig is dead.”  He said, “I’m on a roof installing a system for someone.  I’ll try to get done in time to get to the supply place to pick up a new fan.”  Me:  “Can’t I pick it up?”  He: “No, you don’t have butt-crack pants.  They are wholesalers.”

I’m waiting to hear from him.  I’ve got to get me some of those butt-crack pants.


This photo is a little fuzzy.  I had the flashlight between my knees, the screwdriver in my right hand and the camera in my left. I wanted you to see the hole in the back of the refrigerator.  This is where the timer for the defrost cycle lives, and this is where you fool the frig into thinking it’s time to defrost.

  1. Janet says:

    I think anyone who knows how to put a screwdriver in the back of a fridge and make it defrost is deserving of her own pair of butt crack pants.

  2. Kathy says:

    I agree with Janet. You qualify for the pants!

    I once knew a woman who could put a screwdriver into the engine of a volkswagen square back, enabling it to run again after stalling in the middle of the intersection – which it did a lot! She deserved butt-crack pants too.

  3. Sharrie Brockhaus says:

    Boy, that screwdriver!!! I was supposed to touch two different things with the screwdriver to make the lawnmower start when it was having “issues”. BUT…..I don’t want butt-crack pants. I want my mechanic husband to do all that stuff for me.

  4. Sandy says:

    Whew….thank goodness for Marc. I am beginning to think though it may be time to start scanning Craig’s List. Should be able to pick up some butt crack pants OR if that doesn’t work…maybe a fridge?