The Rose

May 25, 2009

I’ve written before about what Chase does to my rose bushes (he uproots them and drags them through the dog door).  He’s been away since March 19th and this little, last-remaining, rose bush stub had time to put forth a few blooms.  They’re awfully small, but very fragrant.  I thought I’d capture them with the camera before Chase returned.


This is a rose and buds au natural



With poster edge


A blown blossom poster-edged


  1. Janet says:

    Aww – he just wants to bring you flowers! Better than the time that Spence went out at bedtime. He jumped back into bed with me with a dead bird in his mouth!!

  2. Sandy says:

    Gorgeous Penni……I remember roses. But I am the one who kills them, with kindness, or whatever!

  3. Pretty! We don’t need the dogs to destroy our roses, the thrips take care of it for us.

  4. Nice au naturel, and I like your ‘shopping, too! Especially that center one — I like the way the background sort of disappears……….