Transferring the Loot

May 17, 2009

I went to the office this morning and sorted through Kip’s file.  I put all his ribbons and rosettes, certificates, tags, photos, microchip information in a FedEx large envelope (those envelopes come in so handy).  I had washed some of his favorite tug toys.  Then I came home and packaged up chicken backs, necks, and a chub of ground turkey.  Jill came to get everything because we decided, to give Kip time to adjust to his new home, I shouldn’t go to their house for a few weeks.

Jill said that Kip is putting a lot of energy into keeping the family members together.  His herding instincts have kicked in and he is concerned about this flock that is constantly going in different directions.  Jill said he checks in with each family member on a regular basis. Molly is wagging again — undoubtedly amused by the short-legged guy who is trying to take over the house. I am so happy for Kip — he’s already created a job for himself and he is making his people (and a recently sad dog) happy. Photos are promised . . .


  1. dawn says:

    Oh, Penni, that has to put a little smile back in your heart. What a wonderful thing he is fitting in so well. Now, if your bored while Chase is away, I have a naught girl or 2 here I can send to you….

  2. Sandy says:

    Good for Kip. That family has a sporting dog, now a herding dog. I am sure they didn’t know what life was really like until Kip moved in. Happy, happy.