a June 3rd, 2009


    June 3, 2009 by MyEye

    Today I was required to go to Federal Court again — not in jeans and sandals this time.  I decided that I deserved a treat so I parked on the 7th level of the parking garage across the street from the Federal Courthouse.  It’s the top and it’s open to the sky.  When I completed my lawyerly duties, I went up to the car, pulled out the little Olympus and . . . just for you (and for me) because we deserve it: 

    Other wonderful skies are available for viewing at SkyWatch.  I won’t be on it this week because Mr. Linky won’t let me sign in!


    It’s a poodle or a Portuguese Water Dog!


    Raining over the Sandia Mountains

  2. Retraining — me

    June 3, 2009 by MyEye

    I wandered through the house and out into the yard yesterday.  Chase will be home Monday night and I have so much to do.  Nope, he’s not a dignitary.  He’s just a rambunctious canine teenager.  I’ve fallen into bad habits that must be immediately corrected.

    1)  I must push chairs in under the tables.  Chase has always used the chairs as a springboard to the otherwise (slightly) out-of-reach top of the dining table.

    2)  My Nikon in its backpack/bag is sitting on a chair in the living room — perfect way to help it join the dead Smart Phones.  It must be put in the closet, up on a shelf, with the door closed.  That’s not handy for those spur of the moment cute shots — perhaps I can hang a hook from the ceiling in the corner of the dining room and dangle it there.

    3)  . . . speaking of the Smartphone.  I cannot leave replacement #3 on the coffee table anymore.  It has to stay in my purse, on the dining table, with all the chairs pushed in.

    4)  The yard.  First, I’m wrapping all the flowering shrubs, miraculously back from the grave, with two rounds of chicken wire.  I’m not sure it will stop Chase, but it might make him look elsewhere for fun.

    5)  I drained the pond and cleaned it out.  I’m going to refill it this weekend.  I can’t keep him out of it, but at least he won’t emerge green (I think that’s a disqualifying fault or at least to be considered very serious).

    6.  I’m moving the 32″ fence that divides the side yard from the front yard.  It will give Chase and Inca less running room, but it will leave space to set up agility equipment.  An evening run through the tire and jumps, over the teeter, with a broad jump and a board jump (obedience practice), and the 12-pole weaves will may tire him out a little.  Or, maybe not — but I’ll feel that we’ve been productive.  I can’t put the equipment in the running yard because Chase will chew up all the PVC parts.

    7.  We are going to spend the first two weeks after he lands ‘splaining to him that marking is unacceptable.  So, he will be attached to me on a short leash or in a crate 24/7 for those two weeks.  Marking will get a “NOOOO” and ruff shake, going in the designated spot in the yard will be worth cookies.  So, I must figure out why the photo eye on my back porch light is not working — to take him out at night.  Best case scenario, the bulb is burned out.  Worst scenario, the fixture is dead and must be replaced.

    8.  We’re signed up for two classes and there is an available drill.  That’s three nights a week to wear him (us) down, and — if we’re really fortunate — to get him ready for the Labor Day trials.

    Oh yeah, shoes and slippers must be put away . . . and no food near the edge of the counter

    I have so much to do by Monday evening at 6:35.  Even so, I cannot wait to wlecome the baddog home.  Why do I think Inca will be very disappointed to discover she is not an only dog?