a June 14th, 2009

  1. Back on Track

    June 14, 2009 by MyEye

    We are having the oddest June weather.  It’s rained nearly every day, and stayed very cool.  June is usually our hottest, dryest month.  We’re all waiting for the other shoe to fall weatherwise.  This damp, cool weather is wonderful for tracking so Chase and I went out first thing this morning to reacquaint him with the concept.  I laid two 70 yard tracks, each with one turn (one left and one right), and each with an intermediate article on the pavement.  The tracks started on mowed grass, the turns were on the grass, the tracks then went down the curb and onto pavement, the intermediate article was halfway across a road-width of pavement, and the last article was in a raised planter area filled in with 1″ landscape rock.  I wish I could say he just put his nose down and unwaveringly followed the scent.  However, he hasn’t tracked since March, but did remember what we were doing — a few too many detours to check P-mail on big trees, but he came back to the track each time.  He did get excited as he reached each article — after the first one, I’m sure it was because I treat at each.  Today we had little pieces of rotisserie chicken.  Booya!

    So, we’ll work at least once a week.  Soon I’ll start insisting on a bit more work ethic, but for the first couple of weeks I want him to remember that a good time is had by all.  Our goal?  Certification this fall and a TD by the end of January.  Go, Chase-Man!