a June 22nd, 2009

  1. Dog Tries To Get New Phone

    June 22, 2009 by MyEye

    I kid you not!  I came home from work early because our ISP is again having problems.  When I can’t use the computer, I’m dead in the water.  The new Centro phone was due to arrive today.  I thought that if I got home a little early, I might catch my FedEx man.  Nope!  When I pulled up I saw the notice on the gate.  The FedEx main location is near the training club and Chase has his first night of Intermediate Obedience tonight, so I planned to swing by FedEx and sign for the toy.

    We’d just turned on the news when the door bell rang.  The dogs went happy-nuts.  I opened the door and there was Kirk.  He’s been our FedEx guy for years.  He came back, thinking he might catch me.  You have to sign for phones, so I unlocked the gate.  Chase threw himself on Kirk, gave him a lick and then launched himself into the truck.  Yep!  Just like he was a FedEx employee — or like he could sign for the phone, get it before I did, and dismantle it.  Now that was not going to happen.  I signed for the phone, helped Kirk get Chase out of his truck, thanked him for the second trip, and we went back into the house.

    The Centro is plugged in.  I’ll take it to the office tomorrow, all charged up, and will activate it.  No need to save contacts because when I synch with the computer, everything will be reinstalled.  I sternly told Chase it’s “MINE”.  We’ll see if it makes a difference, but, regardless, I have insurance on it.