Awards Wall at the Office

June 12, 2009


Chase with the Flying Trapeze Painting and the Posy Pup

Our obedience club gives each member dog a plaque, and then we add title bars to it at the annual awards brunch.  There will be another one on Kip’s for his TD (January)and at least one more on Chase’s (Canadian Championship) for 2009.  I also hope to add Rally Novice, TT, and TD bars to Chase’s this year.


  1. Sandy says:

    Good job, dude. You’re rackin’ ’em up, eh?

  2. Le'o says:

    Looks like a good start. 😉
    I’m sure you’ll need at least another wall or two in no time.
    His own trophy *room*!! That’s it!

  3. Kathy says:

    Nice showing Chase! But your likenesses still don’t beat the real thing! Good to have you “home!”

  4. That’s a good idea, the title bars! Now, to title a certain bitch I know, and love 😉