June 26, 2009

Today I bought yet another domain name.  I wanted something that better reflects my life and my attitude about it.  I also wanted a domain that related to my addiction to Cardigans.  For the past couple of months I have been musing over a kennel name — no really good reason since a couple of Cardis do not a kennel make.  I know, however, that the day’s coming when I will want a Chase child.  The kennel name I used for the German Shepherds doesn’t quite fit our funny little friends.  I could not have predicted how quickly (it appears) that I’d need the new name.  Anyway, I looked for a Kennel name by pouring over lists of Welsh words and names.  Today I narrowed it down to five words.  Humor me — I’m getting to it . . .

Gwawr means Dawn — that’s my Sunday-go-to-meeting name.  However, can you say gwawr (remembering that the wr makes an oo sound (as in door))?  Can you say it with Baledwr, for example?  Okay, I took it off the list.  Then there was a pretty word Cerys (beloved) — the beginning C is a hard C, do you believe anyone will remember that it’s not Ceres or Sirius?  That it is pronounced Ke-ris?   I doubt it, so took it off the list.  Another word I liked has been used in several dogs’ names over the years.  We got down to two words.  The first was Ilar (joyful), and I like it a lot, but it’s perhaps a bit short, a tiny word that will be lost in the dog’s name.  So, I settled on


It means “a moment in time”.  That feels like life, that feels like the fleeting joy that is our dogs, that feels like my place in the universe.  So, Elyan it is.  It is pronounced el-e-on.  Carolyn is working on my blog (needs it, huh?), so it will be moved to the new domain in good time.  The blog name will be “. . . a Moment in Time”, the eddress will be  The old blog eddresses will still point to the new domain. 

. . . and when will I need this kennel name?  Pretty soon I think.  Chase will be bred to Carolyn and Mandy’s splendid girl Phoebe.  Phoebe is due in season any time now.  Our plan is that Phoebe will come to Albuquerque to have her puppies.  C-Myste/Baledwr have agreed that my name will also be on the litter — so these babies will be a moment in my time.  They will be the first Elyan puppies.


  1. Joanna says:

    Congratulations! What a wonderful gift :).

  2. Jeri says:

    Oh wow! That IS big changes. 🙂 Congrats! I like the name.

  3. Beautiful name, and congrats on being able to have your first litter, from an exceptionally producing brood. I can’t wait to see how the litter turns out!

  4. baledwr says:

    I think she’s excited…

  5. Le'o says:

    Aww. Love the kennel name. It is very poetic and I like that.

    You’re going to have a blast with your own brood in the house. yay!!! And then I can harass you for pictures. VBG!!

  6. Sandy says:

    Waaaay kewl! And I even pronounced it correctly before you told me how. I do have trouble with breeds, dogs and horses in particular, who do the “ethnic” names and make them so damn hard you have no idea how to pronounce them. Looks cool on the pedigree but no wonder these critters have call names, huh? Geesh, half the Arabian horse names I have seen lately sound like they should be on some Homeland Security red list!

    Good for you, Chase and the lovely Phoebe!

  7. Julie says:

    Congratulations! I really like your kennel name choice.

  8. Lybertygirl says:

    Cool kennel name! AHHH….more puppies in the works!

  9. Carol says:

    I’m excited for you, Penni, and I love your kennel name. I kept the name I had when I had collies and Tess’ call name is part of it because she, hopefully, will be my new start! Can’t wait for the daily puppy pics! 😉

  10. MyEye says:

    I think I should note that Chase puppies may be automatically placed on some terrorist watch list. Puppies will be delivered to new homes with warnings about toilet paper, grape vines, rose bushes — sigh! I will administer a standarized patience test to all prospective puppy owners.

  11. baledwr says:

    This is a nice proven bitch for him to “start” with, and I think they will match up well. Don’t tell Pie I elected Chase for this one!

  12. Tom says:

    I’m surprised you left cell phones off the warning list 🙂

  13. MyEye says:

    I think my brain blanked out cell phones — just too painful to remember, but I’ll send out a draft of the warning list so everyone can add the Chase-destroyed items of which they are aware. I wouldn’t want to mislead a potential Chase-child owner. Maybe Phoebe’s generally good behavior will overcome.

  14. Holly says:

    I love your kennel name! And there is nothing like raising a litter underfoot and watch them grow day by day.

  15. amanda says:

    love the kennel name!!!

  16. coopercreek says:

    Wow. I’m behind in reading posts. This is awesome. The kennel name is great. Congrats!!