Dog Wash Saturday

June 20, 2009

Chase is shedding so I decided first thing this morning we would go to the dog wash.  It’s in a natural food pet store.  It’s family owned and run.  They support our Obedience Club with a discount on all kibble.  The people who work there are the nicest, and they love my Cardis.  So, we were there at 8:30.  I took a mound of hair out of the boy before the bath.  Then I used part of my rare supply of Ultra Sheen shampoo (it’s no longer manufactured, but I bought a gallon a couple of years ago, and measure it out by the thimble-full).  Chase doesn’t mind having a bath, and I don’t mind giving him one in the big stainless steel dog tubs.  (Can’t say I enjoy giving it in the regular people tub at home.)  Plenty of water, shampoo, conditioner, aprons, brushes, combs, towels, grooming tables, blow dryers are all part of the price which is based on the dog’s weight.  I bring my own Cardigan-embroidered apron, with my shampoo, conditioner, and brushes in the big pockets.

We did really well up until I turned on the dryer, then reached for a brush, and inadvertantly aimed the dryer into the trash can full of hair.  How dumb was that?  It looked like my Mimosa tree when it’s losing its little puffy blooms.

I had ordered some Coat Handler Conditioner that Sherri recommends. Dilute it with water 15:1, spray it into the body coat after the dog is toweled dry — wet him all the way to the skin.  Then you blow dry and brush.  I love this stuff.  It made his coat feel so nice, and made it manageable.  He looks like he could go to a dog show.  However, it’s raining, so instead he plans to go into the yard and get muddy.

Chase made lots of new friends at the dog wash (Pet and Vet Market), and the staff reminded me that they need his photo for their wall of famous customers.


  1. C-Myste says:

    My dogs are molting, with the sole exception of Molly. Today it was Phoebe’s turn to get washed and lighted by about 5 lbs. She then ran circles in the yard around and around the house due to feeling so GOOD.

  2. Kaye says:

    Does that coat handler conditioner have a name? I’m still a work in progress when it comes to figuring out how to properly show groom.

  3. Shelley says:

    Chase left the frozen north and now needs to get rid of the coat he grew in our sub-zero temps? 😛

    I’m praying Dolly holds onto her coat until after Western Reserve. She is not a pretty sight in her underwear 🙁

  4. Sandy says:

    Heck — I will probably take my “someday-Cardi” into the double shower with me….or the stock tank!