New Phone, New Insurance

June 19, 2009

palm_centro.pngI received email from the friendly Verizon folks telling me I was eligible for a phone upgrade.  My Palm TREO is no longer supported by Palm, and my son the phone/computer guru tells me the operating system on the Palm “Centro” is the same as the TREO operating system, so I can just move everything over (calendar, contacts), continue to sync with Outlook, etc.  The really good part is that this phone is about half the size of the TREO.  The really GREAT part is that I can re-up on insurance against Chase’s smartphone fetish.

Whooo Hooo!  The cost of the new phone is ZERO.  The insurance is what it is was on the TREO (before they canceled me), my plan stays the same — just two more years.  Since I’ve been with Air Touch/Verizon for nearly 20 years, that’s okay.  Eat your heart out, Chase — you don’t scare me anymore!


  1. Jeri says:

    Yay! I love new gadgets. Hope you love it!

  2. Sandy says:

    I would love to have some of the gadgets that Chase has in his diet…..but then who knows if we will even have cell service when we settled in Corona?

  3. Sarah says:

    Well, unfortunately, I can speak from personal experience (no talky-no texty) when I say that the Centro is no more immune to corgi teeth than the Treo! I do like my Treo, but when Syd chewed up the pink phone, I discovered that it doesn’t come in pink anymore, so now we have to have a black phone. It’s much more difficult to find buried in the bottom of my purse!

  4. MyEye says:

    I’m getting ready to order a skin for my new Centro. Unfortunately Krusell (my favorite) only makes black. I’m tired of using the Braille method for finding the phone. There are some other leather cases (by other manufacturers) in colors — I’m considering them.

  5. hisqueen says:

    Love my Palm Centro…copied off hubby so I could use the memo’s for all my book info. Now I no longer buy duplicates. Had to buy new styli..lost mine some where..get them straight from Palm only..then you know you have the correct one. Also you may consider going to to get a great cover. They are pretty indistructible. there is one called the signiture case..wonderful product but the clip broke pretty easy on my hubby. But he’s a dr. so he really abuses it when he’s on call.