On the Road Again

June 7, 2009

Chase is on his way home.  Shelley left Dundalk (read “boonies northwest of Toronto”) at about 8:30 her time.  I just received an email that she’s at the Border — almost an hour earlier than she anticipated because there is so little traffic.  Ya’ Know, those non-dog people go to church on Sundays . . .  So, now she’ll make her way down into the Buffalo area.  Chase will spend this afternoon and evening with some of Cynnie Smith’s wonderful friends.  Tomorrow morning Cynnie will take our Chase to the Buffalo airport.  His Continental PetSafe suite will be ready for him and he’ll leave for Newark at 8:40.  From Newark, he travels to Houston, and then tomorrow evening on to Albuquerque.  He’s scheduled to arrive at 6:35 Mountain time.  Poor guy will undoubtedly have his legs crossed by then.

Once I discover what other adventures he has in the next 36 hours, I’ll help him post to his Journal on his web site.  He’s had quite a summer holiday in Canada.  Notwithstanding, I firmly believe he’ll be glad to be home.  I will be so happy to have him back!


  1. Jean from NM says:

    Safe travel, Sir Chase!

  2. Holly says:

    Safe journey! Can’t wait for you to get him back.