Photos In Need of Captions

June 5, 2009

As Chase’s time with Shelley comes to a close, she pulled out her long lens and sent me these.  They definitely need descriptive captions.





  1. Kim says:

    I like the last one… “Ummm, I think there’s been a mistake.”

  2. That last one is hysterical! “So why do they call you Stretch?”

  3. C-Myste says:

    #2: “Hey mom, see this green stuff? Can we have some of this at home? It’s kind of like swimming but edible too.”

    #3: “Hey. Tall guy. See that cat over there? You go out and bring him back to us and we won’t tell anybody that you can do it.”

  4. Sandy says:

    #1 Damn I’m cute.

    #2 Damn I’s still cute.

    #3 Geesh, that guy is tall!