The Pedigree

June 27, 2009

With help from Mandy, Holly and Kathy, we’ve filled in all the blanks on the Chase/Phoebe puppy pedigree.  See below!  Thanks everyone. For Chase and Phoebe, I am working on a “call name” pedigree. I’m still missing a few call names, but this is what it looks like. It’s full of producers!  Click to make it readable.  If you’d like a copy, leave a comment and I’ll send it to you.  Tell me if you want it in Xcel, .pdf, or .jpeg — or all three.  Since I use the “moderation” option, I’ll have your email address so please do not include it in the comment.



  1. baledwr says:

    Am/Can CH Coblyn’s Blue Lady of Cardach ROMB – “Boo Boo”

  2. baledwr says:

    Am/Can CH Coblyn’s Blue Lady of Cardach ROMB – “Boo Boo”…oh and the dog she was bred to was CH Cardach’s BNB Cenau Flash ROMS (I think S) – you are missing the Flash

  3. baledwr says:

    Phoebe’s mom is BB – not a pretty girl… …but a heck of a producer.

  4. MyEye says:

    Thanks, Mandy. We’re down to needing only Flash and Fani call names (which may well be “Flash” and “Fani”).

  5. Holly says:

    Flash was known as Flash. Sabrina’s sire, Midnite, was a littermate or repeat breeding of Phoebe.

  6. Sandy says:

    Good job….and a fun one I am sure.

  7. Kathy says:


    I wrote to Rhydowen and asked for Tydvil ‘ot Fudge Fani’s call name. It is “Fanny.”

    I also wrote to Cardach asking for the call name for B’N B’s Ceneu Flash, though I assumed it was probably “Flash.”

  8. MyEye says:

    Thanks so much, Kathy. I should turn you loose on the last three names I need for Chase’s pedigree as well. I also emailed Genie Bishop (Cardach), but Mandy and Holly came up with call names for the Cardach dogs. It is indeed Flash!

  9. Shelley says:

    Did you cheat and remove the fifth generation? I know there were Daleviz dogs we were trying to find! 😉

    • penni says:

      A five-generation pedigree doesn’t fit very well (like at all) on the blog. I’m still trying to get the three missing call names for Chase’s fourth generation. That pedigree will be on his web site.