We Need to be Thinking of Names

June 27, 2009

I love litter themes and bombarded you all with themes and potential names when you were expecting puppies.  Now it will be your turn.  I have two theme ideas — either Book Awards, e.g. Caldecott, Newbury, Pulitzer, Nobel, Booker, Commonwealth, EMMA, Hammett — or Newspapers, e.g., Clarion, Chronicle, Daily Planet,  Journal, Tribune, Herald, Observer, etc.  I would really like to use the entire name of a paper as in “Wall ST Journal”, “Washington Post”, “Times Picayune”, but with all the kennel names that need to fit, that’s probably out of reach.  I doubt we could pay AKC enough for all the letters we’d need.  Just the kennel names and spaces come out to 22.  36 is permitted and you may pay for up to 40 letters!

The Shepherd litters were alphabetical, so if I picked up where I left off thirty years ago, this post would be brought to you by the letter “K”.  Themes are more fun, I think.

So, have at it — with my thanks!


  1. baledwr says:

    I like newspapers…

    Is the 36 with or w/o spaces…sometimes AKC can be unclear 🙂

    Also, my kennel name *can* be shortened…I think we’ve don BLDR in the past…BLDWR? if needed…

  2. MyEye says:

    Spaces count. Actually, I just tried all three kennel names (in full) with Times Picayune and it is exactly 36 letters and spaces — so there may be hope! I hate abbreviating if we can avoid it. So, “Orleans” — definitely a girl puppy — would be C-Myste Baledwr Times Picayune Elyan. That would squeak in under the AKC wire!

  3. Kaye says:

    I would go with a theme, but the letter ‘K’ is probably one of the better letters 😉

  4. Sandy says:

    I like the newspapers….and with them going by the wayside faster and faster that might be an idea. But then, do you name after the loser papers or the survivor papers?

    Book awards may be more positive sounding…they are always the winners.

    My friend who bred Gordon Setters did the alphabetical listing and my boy was from the K litter: Elysian’s Kody. Simple, but no one ever spelled his name with a K when it came time. UGH.

  5. Kate says:

    I like alphabetical, so I would go with K.