What’s Happening in the Yard

June 21, 2009

I mentioned the Mimosa.  This evening I took photos of the clusters of fuzzy blooms.  In a few days they will shade into lavender, and then, in a couple of weeks, they will all fall off and cover everything.  If I get them up before we have rain, it will be fine.  If not, they turn into fuzzy concrete, coating everything in the yard.



The Desert Willow just began blooming.  The flowers hang and are a soft pink.  When I planted this tree, it was only as tall as I was, but it is now close to twenty feet tall.  We had a heavy snow two winters ago and I lost a branch due to the weight of the snow.  Another branch cracked, but continued growing so I did not prune it.  It hangs low over a large lave rock.  It could have been planned.  The flowers are so delicate that it is difficult to get one in focus — I think they like it that way.


 Of course, I have the obligatory color pot.  It has petunias and geraniums and blue — are those forget-me-nots?



  1. Very pretty! Our mimosa hasn’t made flowers yet … I think all the June Gloom has been slowing it down.

  2. Kaye says:

    I’ve always thought Mimosa would be a cute dog name, call her Mim for short, but more for the drink than the tree 😉 In college they taught us that Mimosa is considered a trash tree, so I’ve never used it in a design, and i’ve never seen it sold commercially, but I have a grower friend who brought the purple leaf variety back from china. The blue flower is Lobelia. I can’t take pics of my garden because I’m like the doctor with the sick kids, its just a mess!

  3. Kim says:

    do you get lots of hummingbirds with the Mimosa?

  4. MyEye says:

    We have very few hummingbirds in town. I see them in the mountains where it is cooler and moister. I wish we had them — it would make my blog more interesting.