July, 2009

  1. Visitors From the West

    July 30, 2009 by myeye

    Today Chase and Inca and I went to a nearby park to wait for Sandy and Bruce C.

    Waiting for Sandy-Bruce 7-30-09


    Inca Waiting for Sandy 7-30-09

    Then our company arrived.

    Bruce-Sandy w dogs 7-30-09

    The dogs loved our visitors — and they brought dog cookies . . . and fudge — oh, yum!  Sandy had gone to dog shows to watch Cardigans, but because they were all groomed and ready to go in the ring, she didn’t think she should pet them.  Can you imagine!!! This is the first time she’s hugged a Cardi.  Chase and Inca are definitely top flight candidates for hugging.

    Bruce and Sandy are working on their retirement ranch in Corona NM (No!  Beer is NOT bottled there.).  Day after tomorrow, they will wander over to The 7MSN to see Carson’s critters.  I think, the ranch work aside, they are having a good visit. Sandy took some great photos of Chase cleaning Bruce’s face — can’t wait for them to show up on her blog.

  2. Happy Birthday, Heart Dog

    July 28, 2009 by myeye

    Today our Kip (and his littermates) is four years old.  Though Kip now lives the life of a king with my friends Sarah, Jim, and Jill, he is in my heart forever.  He taught me so much about happiness, he gave me so much pleasure and attention.  Kip made me a believer that Cardis are the breed to live with, to play with, to work with.  Yesterday I received an email from Sarah — just a one-liner “You cannot imagine how much we love every single thing Kip does.”  Kip is their pool boy.  When Sarah has her group of women friends over to swim in the mornings, Kip lies near the pool.  Whenever someone comes to the edge, he goes over to re-greet them — you just can’t do enough of that greeting stuff.  He knew from the first time they uncovered the pool that he shouldn’t get in, but that does not prevent him from being a fine host.

    So, little Kip CD TD RN CGC, Therapy and Reading Education Assistance Dog, and CH Leo, Lindy, Dara, Glen — and the other kids, have a wonderful 4th birthday . . . and many more.

    Front - smile - bosque 11-8-08

  3. Inca and the Gully-Washer

    July 27, 2009 by myeye

    I’ve posted before that my little red girl is the guardian of the homestead. When it thunders or there are fireworks, she slams out the dog door and barks until the loud noises move on.

    Last night we had a downpour complete with thunder and lightning. It didn’t begin until after 9:00 PM, so it was still raging when I went upstairs to bed. Inca did not come sleep on the bed because she had her thunder-chasing job to complete.

    When I came downstairs this morning, I found muddy dog body imprints all over the white tile. Darndest thing — they are exactly the size of the Dink’s undercarriage.

    Inca w her mud spot 7-27-09

    So, what is this all about?  Well, I asked our girl to “drop” right next to her mud spot so you could see that it was indeed the right size to have been left by her tummy.  However, as soon as I told her to drop, she rolled over on my foot — that’s the dark brown thing under her right ear.  Chase was in the top of the photo because he cannot imagine that anyone, ever, would take a photo of which he was not the star.  So, you can see part of the mud print that Inca left — it’s just not going to get any better with her in it.  Here’s a shot of the mud print alone — not as exciting!

    The mud spot alone 7-27-09

  4. Pregnant?

    July 23, 2009 by myeye

    Carolyn claims her dogs tell her when any of their number is pregnant.  I saw it in Topeka after we bred Lizzie.  Suddenly Alice, who had been very friendly with Lizzie, didn’t particularly like her any more.  Her attitude changed markedly.  Today I received email proclaiming that everyone at C-Myste says Phoebe is pregnant.  The lesson is that not only can one get pregnant from toilet seats and in swimming pools, but you must beware of little tubes in FedEx boxes.

    When we made a second shipment Monday, Chase went into the FedEx main plant with me.  (It was way too hot to leave him in the car.)  When the counter person saw what I planned to ship, she allowed as how Chase could come in to the “No Dogs” office because he had a vested interest in the package.  I hope Phoebe’s family is correct, and the pretty tri girl will deliver some Chaselets around the 21st of September. (Notwithstanding Carolyn’s copyright language on her blog, I stole this photo of Phoebe.)


  5. We’re Not Moving

    July 21, 2009 by myeye

    Out here in the desert, we use swamp coolers.  They are not very effective when the outside temperature is above 93 degrees.  The past few days we’ve flirted with 100 degrees.  That is very hot — even with 15% humidity.  The swamp cooler in my townhouse has a single downdraft at the top of the stairs.  Chase and Inca know where it’s cool.  They also do not plan to leave their spots unless I guarantee they are going to the office (where the refrigerated air is really cold).

    We are not moving