a July 8th, 2009

  1. We’ve Got New Neighbors

    July 8, 2009 by myeye

    When I bought my townhome eleven years ago, a husband and wife lived across the street.  She was never healthy and last summer she died.  The husband did a lot of updating/repair to their house and it sold right away (unfortunately at a rather low price — even for the rotten market).  The buyer was an investor who put it up for rent.  Well, the joke was on him — it took six months for renters to come along.  Two young men moved in a couple of weeks ago.

    Today, when I got home from work is the first time they’d been home when I was.  Since I was just pulling up, and had the two hooligans with me, I walked across the cul de sac to say hi.  Chase lives for moments like this — new people to add to his speed dial.  He launched himself on them and they reciprocated.  Inca sidled up and earned lots of rubs and hugs.  I, of course, told them that the really wild dog is Chase and the sweet red and white dog is Inca.  When the dust settled, we gave out our people names.  One of the guys asked me if I wasn’t pretty concerned about their temperament.  I assured him we were working on it.

    Silly corgis — there is no such thing as a stranger.