a July 10th, 2009

  1. Weekends Are Short Some Hours

    July 10, 2009 by myeye

    Adrienne is spending the night.  That means the dogs are sleeping on the floor next to her bed.  She and I were trying to schedule tomorrow, but we’re missing some hours.  Tomorrow is corgi play day (from 9 to 11), but we also want to go tracking with Chase first thing in the morning.   We’ve put Adrienne’s dirty socks in a Zip Lock bag with articles for her to leave on the tracks tomorrow.  That allows them to absorb her scent overnight.  For additional motivation, Adrienne hides behid a tree near the final article.  I love to watch our Chase when he’s tracking his favorite little girl.  Perhaps we’ll track and then go to play day.

    We need to visit Learning Is Fun.  That’s a teacher supply store with flash cards, books, art supplies — she loves the place.  So we’ll put that right after the play day.  And Adrienne told me she needs to come up with some potential puppy litter names for the Chase/Phoebe children.  I told her she has plenty of time, but she’s concerned that she’ll forget the ones she’s already thought of.

    Adrienne’s Mom will pick her up at about 1:00 and then I need to run into the office for a couple of hours, then tomorrow night, my DIL and I are going to the Santa Fe Opera.  She has great seats — it will be a fun night out.

    Sunday is scheduled the same way and our Chase begins his Rally Novice class at 4:00.  I need to pick up apples (Inca has already gained five pounds, and Chase has stashed them under the couch and beds).  The wisteria is overtaking the patio and I still want to move the dividing fence to make room in the yard for agility equipment.  However, since the weekends seem to be missing several hours, I don’t think I’ll get everything done — as usual.