a July 23rd, 2009

  1. Pregnant?

    July 23, 2009 by myeye

    Carolyn claims her dogs tell her when any of their number is pregnant.  I saw it in Topeka after we bred Lizzie.  Suddenly Alice, who had been very friendly with Lizzie, didn’t particularly like her any more.  Her attitude changed markedly.  Today I received email proclaiming that everyone at C-Myste says Phoebe is pregnant.  The lesson is that not only can one get pregnant from toilet seats and in swimming pools, but you must beware of little tubes in FedEx boxes.

    When we made a second shipment Monday, Chase went into the FedEx main plant with me.  (It was way too hot to leave him in the car.)  When the counter person saw what I planned to ship, she allowed as how Chase could come in to the “No Dogs” office because he had a vested interest in the package.  I hope Phoebe’s family is correct, and the pretty tri girl will deliver some Chaselets around the 21st of September. (Notwithstanding Carolyn’s copyright language on her blog, I stole this photo of Phoebe.)