a July 30th, 2009

  1. Visitors From the West

    July 30, 2009 by myeye

    Today Chase and Inca and I went to a nearby park to wait for Sandy and Bruce C.

    Waiting for Sandy-Bruce 7-30-09


    Inca Waiting for Sandy 7-30-09

    Then our company arrived.

    Bruce-Sandy w dogs 7-30-09

    The dogs loved our visitors — and they brought dog cookies . . . and fudge — oh, yum!  Sandy had gone to dog shows to watch Cardigans, but because they were all groomed and ready to go in the ring, she didn’t think she should pet them.  Can you imagine!!! This is the first time she’s hugged a Cardi.  Chase and Inca are definitely top flight candidates for hugging.

    Bruce and Sandy are working on their retirement ranch in Corona NM (No!  Beer is NOT bottled there.).  Day after tomorrow, they will wander over to The 7MSN to see Carson’s critters.  I think, the ranch work aside, they are having a good visit. Sandy took some great photos of Chase cleaning Bruce’s face — can’t wait for them to show up on her blog.