Happy Birthday, Heart Dog

July 28, 2009

Today our Kip (and his littermates) is four years old.  Though Kip now lives the life of a king with my friends Sarah, Jim, and Jill, he is in my heart forever.  He taught me so much about happiness, he gave me so much pleasure and attention.  Kip made me a believer that Cardis are the breed to live with, to play with, to work with.  Yesterday I received an email from Sarah — just a one-liner “You cannot imagine how much we love every single thing Kip does.”  Kip is their pool boy.  When Sarah has her group of women friends over to swim in the mornings, Kip lies near the pool.  Whenever someone comes to the edge, he goes over to re-greet them — you just can’t do enough of that greeting stuff.  He knew from the first time they uncovered the pool that he shouldn’t get in, but that does not prevent him from being a fine host.

So, little Kip CD TD RN CGC, Therapy and Reading Education Assistance Dog, and CH Leo, Lindy, Dara, Glen — and the other kids, have a wonderful 4th birthday . . . and many more.

Front - smile - bosque 11-8-08


  1. Jeri says:

    *sniff* I miss Leo, goofy little dog. He left a corgi-shaped hole in this house, bigger than I thought it might be. Happy Birthday!

    • myeye says:

      Little Leo is also busy being a family’s so-very-special dog. They assure me there is no dog like Leo in the whole rest of the world. These boys were born to make people happy.

  2. Sandy says:

    What a handsome boy….Happy B-day Kip!

  3. traci says:

    awww… happy birthday!!!

  4. Garrett says:

    Aw Happy Birthday Kip Buddy!! And many more! Your success story with Kip I hope to follow with Mac 🙂

  5. Happy birthday, little buddy!

  6. Holly says:

    Happy Birthday! I know how hard it is to place them, but to know how much joy they bring to others makes it worth while.