Twenty [one] Months Ago

July 17, 2009

Twenty (Mandy reminds me it’s twenty-one) months ago the “Freedom Litter”, Chase and his siblings, made their initial appearance on this worldly stage.  Still goofy teenagers — especially the boys — they’ve already accomplished so much.  Congratulations Carolyn, Tom, Mandy, and Jennifer for dreaming up this combination — and for following through.  This was definitely not a breeding to the dog next door.  Carolyn drove Alice to Seattle, Alice then flew from Seattle Washington to Toronto Canada.  Shelley (Hunter’s owner) made sure Alice was “well” bred before she sent her back to the Northwest.  I think “well” is a perfect word to describe everything about this breeding (except maybe the C-Section).  So far, Chase and Pilot have their American Championships and each has a Group placement, Chase and Libby have Canadian Championships (and Libby has a Canadian Group placement), Molly has a major, Clem has amassed international certificates as well as US points.  Chase, Pilot, and Libby made splendid showings at the 2009 CWCCA Nationals.  Chase and Pilot earned their mom the title of Best Brood Bitch; Chase and his half-sister Dolly earned their dad the title of Best Stud Dog.  Chase and Pilot are two “qualifying progeny” and contributed four points so Alice received her ROMb designation.  Every puppy has a wonderful temperament and all nine have enriched the lives of their people.

Definitely “well” done!

Alice and the Freedom Litter


  1. C-Myste says:

    Aw, thanks. And now we’re excited about the next generation: Alice’s grandchildren out of Hannah who are now in the ring, the new litter sired by Pilot, and the fingers-crossed Chase/Phoebe kids.

    The first Chase-letts are swimming their way toward the Phoeb-letts.

  2. baledwr says:


    Isn’t it 21 months?



    • myeye says:

      Woops! The mistake must have occurred when I switched back to my third hand to count!

  3. Keith & Jo says:

    I will agree a fantastic litter, each sibling having their own individual personalities, but carrying so many of the wonderful attributes of their distingished parents. We are very thankful to have been included in sharing our lives with them. Blessed is the word that seems to come to mind for me.

  4. Sandy says:

    Bravo to all……now, which one of those little babes is Chase? Do ya know?

    • myeye says:

      I believe he is the third puppy from the back. There is a puppy without much white, a puppy underneath, and then a puppy on top with a wide white ruff with a little brindle bubble at the bottom of the ruff. Since he only weighed 6 oz., it has to be that little guy! If you look at his photo in “Watching the Neighbors” you can see that brindle that bubbles up into his ruff at the back of his neck.

  5. C-Myste says:

    Yes, I remember what he looked like well. Chase is the puppy who is third from the right.

  6. Kathleen says:

    I wonder if the makers of those wading pools realize how many dogs give birth in them.