Watching the Neighbors

July 12, 2009

Shortly before Tom and Carolyn came to visit, I re-arranged the master bedroom furniture.  The head of the bed went on the west wall between two windows.  I like to let the light come in during the day, so raise the blinds.  Chase never passes up opportunity.  When he hears people out in his cul de sac, he runs upstairs and heads for the bedroom.

Chase looking for neighbors2 7-12-09


  1. Keith & Jo says:

    Wow, that scene is very familiar! Clementine has the same “gotta see, gotta see..” attitude. I swear, nothing moves that she doesnt know about. We have many deer living around us and she is always the first to raise the alarm that we are being invaded. I figure must be some of the herding instict of the breed, always needing to know what their charges are up to. Funny, people say cats are curious, musta never had the company of a Cardi.

  2. Keith & Jo says:

    That scene looks very familiar, Clem hears a noise and poof she is at the window. Outside, she is always the first to sound off when something is near the fences. I think it must be instinctual to the breed. Always needing to know what is going on around them, not a bad thing, unless she wakes me to say a deer is at the fence.

  3. Sandy says:

    What a perfect “window seat”. I guess he will always know when I am coming over….someday!

  4. It’s the Corgi Command Post!

  5. Kim Gibson says:

    Oh how familiar that scene looks….except in our house it is 4 Cardi heads popping up from below. I love to watch all 4 pop up at the exact same time. It never fails get a giggle which is why I think they keep doing it.

  6. Carol says:

    That was Brody’s favorite lookout until the day my bed “shrunk”. (shrank?) I took the frame and box springs out from under the mattress so Tess could sleep in the bed with us. (I know, I’m a crazy dog lady.) I didn’t want her jumping off the bed and hurting herself while she’s a baby. I wish you could have seen his face the first time he tried to look out the window after that! 😉

  7. Kathy says:

    Yes. This must be “hardwired.” Denali is up on the back of the sofa, peeking out the window that looks down from the second floor view to our front driveway when she hears an approach that bears investigation.

  8. Wot a lukee puppy dog Chasee is becorz I am too short to look owt our windows & therez no fernicha neerby for me to stand on