a August 8th, 2009

  1. Little Dog Lost – the importance of microchipping

    August 8, 2009 by myeye

    On Thursday I received an email from Jeri.  Harry Griffith who is the breeder of Kip’s litter had contacted Jeri.  A litermate, Leo, who had been placed with a family in Albuquerque, was found trotting down the street, and somehow Harry had retrieved him.  Harry has remained the “back-up contact” on Leo’s microchip record.  I called all the numbers I had for the family with which Leo lives, and sent email, but could not reach them.  They take a vacation every year about this time, so I figured they were away and someone was dogsitting.

    Yesterday on my drive home, I saw a poster with a cardigan photo, on a telephone pole.  I couldn’t read the print on it — and the traffic was awful, so I couldn’t stop the car.  My plan (since I knew Leo was safe) was to go back this morning and check for a telephone number.

    A few minutes ago, Julie called me.  She had received my message, called her in-laws who were dog-sitting and, sure enough, someone had left a gate open, and Leo had exited the yard on Thursday.  Julie and her husband and kids have been at waterparks and other noisy places so she had not checked her cell phone in the last three days.  The in-laws were hoping to find Leo before Julie and Ron came home, didn’t want to spoil their vacation, so did not let them know.

    If Leo had not been chipped, with the breeder as the back-up contact, I’m not sure what would have happened to him.  He might have gone to the animal shelter.  Someone might have just kept him (because he’s such a sweet dog).  I’m just so grateful that some dear person picked him up before he was hit by a car, and then they thought to scan for a microchip.

    So, if your dog does not have a microchip, please, please, please spend the money to have one inserted.  Be sure you use a back-up contact who would NOT be with you on vacation.

    All’s well that ends well!