a August 19th, 2009

  1. While I’m Feeling Brave

    August 19, 2009 by myeye

    A couple of days ago, I ordered a new hard drive.  I’ve had this one since 2004.  I decided to add a new graphics program and my system didn’t meet even the most minimum requirements.  The response time has been slow (I may have a lot of junk on the computer) — have I talked you into agreeing that I needed a new CPU?  Well, regardless, I did it.  The new Dell has 4 G of RAM so I can manipulate photos and install the new graphics design program, it has a 320 G hard drive.  I wonder if I can fill that up before I am too old to play on the computer?  It has a huge video card and a super fast processor.  I am so excited — it will arrive on Monday.

    While I was being revolutionary, I downloaded Firefox and deleted Internet Explorer.  I’ve been an IE user since there has been a Worldwide Web.  The new Version 8 was the last straw, however.  It slowed everything down to a crawl; when I tried to open a file in “My Favorites”, IE proceeded to  download every site in that file at the same time.  THAT did not make the computer happy.  So — it’s a new day in Penni’s computer world.  I have Firefox, I have a new hard drive on its way.  It’s a revolution!